Data Distribution Technology With Unlimited Scale

TreeScale is a Event/Data distribution or broadcasting technology which makes network applications fully distributed, more reliable and adding super fast fail-overs at the same time.


Base Principles


Tree/Graph Based Scalability

Horizontal scalability is forcing to have single point of failure or keeping single point for request handling. Which is limiting resource usage and not giving enough abstraction on top of infrastructure for better Application development.

TreeScale bringing new approach of scalability from Horizontal to Math Tree/Graph principle where you have full distributed networking abstraction layer on top of infrastructure. Using Math Graph/Tree algorithms in application designs and TreeScale technology now it is possible to build Networking application with unlimited scale with 0 Cost of Application Scaling.


Event/Data Distribution

Every application which is somehow dealing with networking, at list Sending or Receiving data trow sockets. But in most cases you can send data only if 2 endpoints are connected over TCP connection and application have defined Network Socket, which is limiting scalable applications of having central point for data transfer or openning and closing connections every time when we want to send data.

Using Math Tree/Graph approach TreeScale packaging data with specific protocol and delivering from endpoint A to endpoint B by passing data between other connected services/applications, which is giving super scalable data distribution and broadcasting technology, with 100s of use cases.


Super Fast Fail-Overs

Fail-Over detection in distributed systems is not an easy task, specially if you have 1000s of endpoints. In most cases software doing this job by making Health Check Requests for every few seconds, and it is working well until your endpoints count not more than 100. This principle could give a lot of network overhand and you can't get real time results of application fails.

Using Math Tree/Graph approach TreeScale just keeping connection between connected Applications/Nodes and when something going wrong and connection is failing someone inside Tree/Graph system broadcasting event about that specific Application/Node failure, which will take time only based on Network Latency. And the biggest advantage is that it doesn't matter there is 100 endpoints or 100K endpoints, it is completely distributed Tree/Graph system without central point of control.


Builtin Low Level Network Security

Using super scalable TreeScale approach it is possible to keep advanced network security without using any other tools. Event/Data distribution and always alive TCP connections allowing to keep your environment private without public access, but at the same time receive Event/Data using Client Connection. This principle in most cases allowing to build environment very similar to VPN, but without any Network overhead or centralized point.


Fully Integrable and Pageable System

Most systems which are giving Event/Data distribution functionality have their own infrastructure or specific requirements how to build that infrastructure in house.
TreeScale from the beginning built as a C/C++ based Library for making integrations to other languages/platforms very comfortable and to give maximum performance. Using this requirement TreeScale technology became pageable system which could be used for any kind of network application.

Thinking about using TreeScale Technology ?

We are actively building Products based on TreeScale technology, if you got some idea how it could be useful for your project, just let us know, we would love to chat with you.

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