Blazingly Fast Container Registry

Container registry and additional tools, which are running incredibly fast and are optimized for large scale teams to help them collaborate easily in multi-cloud environments.

Any Cloud Platform, Any Technology

Powerful team collaboration

TreeScale container registry giving tools and integrations for better team collaboration during container images creation and deployments.

Working with container images is becoming very similar to working with code base. Especially during team collaboration, each member changing container image based on his codebase requirements. That's why TreeScale is giving powerful features to handle that process more efficiently

Fastest Pull/Push on this planet

Using our proprietary technology, we are making concurrent image layers upload/download, and keeping them on different environments. This allows to maximize performance of container image pull/push actions and give more reliable behaviour.

In average TreeScale is adding over 46% of more performance to production deployment process and more efficient usage of images during development on local environments.

Ultimate Security and Reliability

Container images is a representation of final production environment, so it is obvious that we need to keep them secure and they should be always available without any data loss

TLS Security

Possible to have Custom Certificates

All entire our infrastructure built using TLS networking for secure data transfer and service communication. Based on requirements it is possible to integrate individual custom TLS certificates for specifically your Registry

Custom Storage Integration

Keep your images on your storage

We primarily using multiple cloud storages to keep and distribute container images, but because some of our clients have some sensitive data inside their containers, we are giving ability to keep them in their own cloud shortages

Main Features

TreeScale Container Registry is an ecosystem of different tools and features.

Distributed Image Layers

TreeScale container registry is handling image based on layers, and our environment keeping each layer 3 times duplicated on distributed environment, sometimes it is even different cloud storages

Full CLI API access

Docker CLI is a great tool for working with Containers and their images, that's why we are implemented full API integrations for Docker CLI, which means we are compatible with Docker Distribution Service API

Team Collaboration

Container images are getting inside product development process and for having more productive usage, we are especially focused on Team Collaboration tools both for small and large scale teams

Automated container builds

Building container images is time consuming and sometimes it is taking a lot of time from team. TreeScale is giving fast concurrent container image builds to add more productivity in development/deployment process


We have special prices for Open Source projects and for any type of non-commercial users. Just let us know [email protected]

  • 500 Pull actions/month
  • 50 GB Registry space
  • 50 Image builds/month
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Webhooks/Events
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  • Unlimited Pull actions
  • Unlimited Registry space
  • Unlimited Image builds/month
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Webhooks/Events
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